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Earthing and short-circuit kit for low-voltage distribution boards.The main reason for their installation is to protect the worker from accidental power-on or return of voltage during repair work. According to IEC 61230 standard.
  • Composed of:
  • 4 insulated PTA earth clamps and the neutral.3 copper PVC-insulated cables 25 mm² section and 1,2 m long for short circuit of phases.
  • 1 copper cables 25 mm² section and 1,5 m long for the neutral’s earthing.
  • 1 PVC-insulated cable 25 mm² section and 2 m long for earthing.
  • 1 branch-joint connector (5 cables).
  • 1 TT-38A earthing lathe.
  • 1 metal case for storage and transport.

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