DC Voltage Detector with AC Induced Voltage Indication Optical & Acoustic - VT-OAD
DC Voltage Detector with AC Induced Voltage Indication Optical & Acoustic - VT-OAD  Voltage Detectors for Catenary Lines Voltage Detectors Malaysia, Johor Bahru (JB), Kuala Lumpur (KL), Penang, Singapore, Selangor Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | Saturn Pyro Sdn Bhd
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  • Voltage range: DC voltage: from 500 to 3.500 V AC induced voltage: from 500 to 3.500 V
  • Usage frequency: DC: continous AC: 50 / 60 Hz
  • Operating temperature: From -25°C to 55°C
  • Humidity Range: From 20 to 96 %
  • Indication of alert status: High luminosity green LED when there is no voltage or it is below the established detection threshold
  • Optical indication: High luminosity orange fixed LED when there is DC voltage presence High luminosity flashing red LED when there is AC induced voltage presence
  • Acoustic indication: Fixed acoustic buzzer for DC voltage presence Alternated buzzer for AC induced voltage presence Fixed acoustic buzzer with different frequency when DC voltage and AC induced voltage are present at the same time
  • Power supply: 9v alkaline battery, type 6LR61 Low battery is indicated by flashing green LED, when battery level is critical green LED is off
  • Earthing cable: Extra flexible cable with silicon sheath and 6m long (possibility of other lengths as per customer’s request)
  • Connection to insulation pole: By universal head (not included)
  • Self-checking: Full self-checking system with automatic disconnection after two minutes WITHOUT VOLTAGE DETECTION
  • Automatic start-up: Automatic start-up system using detection of voltage (approx. 500 V DC and 1.000 V AC)
  • Electrode: Possibility of exchanging electrode
  • Threshold voltage: DC Threshold – From 450 to 500 V AC Threshold – From 450 to 500 V
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